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How PRP Works?

Platelet Rich Plasma is the latest medical hair and skin rejuvenation technology that utilises your body’s own natural nutrients.

Extracted blood

Blood Separation in Centrifuge Machine

PRP is injected into the scalp for hair treatment or face/skin for skin repair

The Rejuvenated Hair Follicles recieve the PRP and grow thicker and healthier

Revive Clinic PRP Treatments

Achieve unparalleled results

PRP for Hair Loss

Patients experiencing hair loss, our PRP treatment will stabilise further hair loss and nourish the existing hair follicles which in result will thicken each strand of your existing hair giving a healthy full... read more

PRP for Skin

For Face & skin PRP treatments the platelet rich plasma rejuvenates the collagen promoting a youthful appearance and is able to perform a range of benefits to the patients from... read more