Blackhead remover Musk


Blackhead remover Musk

 Clearer acne, Eliminating oily skin residue, Deep Purifying
Allowing your skin to repair and heal itself with anti-ageing effects
Bamboo charcoal paste

Perfect for the busy Man or Women that has no time to DIY skin care. Let us pamper you with removing your blackheads, clearer acne, eliminating oily skin residue, Deep Purifying, small blemishes, clearing blocked pores, allowing your skin to repair and heal itself with anti-ageing effects, and have a brighter more youthful skin tone with a clean radiant beautiful face.
PROCEDURE – Ideal for customers having PRP hair treatment at the same time.

We wash and apply a hot wet towel to face for about 2-5 minutes as this will open up the pores. We then evenly apply the Bamboo charcoal paste on the face, then wait 25-30 minutes to dry. We then gently peel off from the bottom up to the now fully dried musk, now watch the magic happen as blackheads, clogged pores and dirt is lifted off your face and stuck to the mask. We then clean your face with warm water afterward.

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