For the PRP to work well & to see results The Client must have at least 12 continuous months of PRP treatments as per our recommendations of. 6 x Treatments 2-3 weeks apart initially continuously for best results. Then the 7th – 8th Treatments 3-5 weeks apart, then the rest can maintain from there on 4-6 weeks apart. If the treatment cycle is broken and a lapse of time has occurred with no treatments then the treatments will need to start again from the beginning.

Assessment of your condition is regularly assessed upon every treatment with photos taken of your hair/scalp and photos of your PRP in the vial for records. Allow for a minimum of 8-10 x PRP Treatments over the first 12 months should you not experience any of the below benefits which is really highly unlikely, then the client can claim their money back.

THE VISUAL BENEFITS OF PRP treatments for Hair are:

  • PREVENTION OR REDUCTION of the rate of your hair loss
  • REGROWTH of thinning hair making it become healthier and thicker
  • PRP WILL ACTIVATE the rejuvenation of dormant hair follicles by supplying the nutrients to the source hence encouraging the growth phase of your hair.

Please note: The PRP that is injected is your own blood, so if you do not follow our recommendations of Eating Healthy & Resting your blood you will not have high concentrations of the PRP that is required for the treatment, this is easily known about every treatment that you have, when we draw your blood and place it in the centrifuge machine to separate the Plasma. The results of a healthy PRP is a clear Yellow Gold like fluid, when not eating correctly and when not having enough rest the PRP will come out cloudy, this voids our guarantee as we can only work with what we have from your blood, so following our dietary recommendations and getting plenty of rest is key for best results.

Should the client have a sickness, cancer or other health issues the PRP treatment may not work at its full potential or at all.