PRP Skin Rejuvenation


Platelet Rich Plasma is the latest medical hair and skin rejuvenation technology that utilises your body’s own natural nutrients. This is how it works:
Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin.

This is a natural treatment with no drugs or chemicals, as we are using your own blood for the treatment, PRP begins by utilising your own natural Platelets that tell your body cells to create new collagen, call it a kick start for youthfulness. The end result is a healthier appearance, with tightened skin, lift, improved tone and thicker dermis- reducing wrinkles and scars to your skin.
We commence stimulating the area initially with a small hand held derma pen that consists of many micro fine small needles that we use. This procedure makes micro wounds in the skin that tricks the body by thinking that there is an injury in that location, so the PRP that will be injected directly into that area will begin to do its job immediately.

Is It Painful?
No. PRP Injections sound scary but it really isn’t. For your added safety and peace of mind we offer a variety of quick acting numbing agents to help keep you very comfortable.
Any Side effects or Downtime?
The most common effects experienced after treatment is slight redness that can last 1-2 hours for most. You can resume the rest of your day.
How Many Treatments Are Required?
3-4 Treatments are ideal to receive optimal results is recommended.
When Do I See The Results?
Roughly 2 weeks onwards.

We have two processes for the skin treatment package:

  • Treatment No: 1 We use a derma pen then apply the PRP on the skin for absorption.
  • Treatment No: 2 For intense treatment to target troubled area we do as per treatment no: 1 along with injections of the PRP

Before & After